Offsets for the use of bicycles

Bicycles can be rented for a day or for the whole stay at AlpensHolidays

This use may be free or require compensation depending on the reservation made by the guests of AlpensHolidays. The compensation will have no other purpose than the purchase and maintenance of bicycles in order to continue offering this service to our guests. This compensation doesn’t exceed:


USE FOR A (offset maximum for bicycle)

Use of a day (the bike will be collected and returned the same day) € 12

USE BY STAY (offset maximum for bicycle)

The bicycle will be delivered to guests on arrival at the house (if they have been booked previously), or as soon as requested and will be delivered at the exit of the house.
• Use for a two-nights stay: € 18
• Use for stays longer than two nights: € 18 plus an additional € 4 for each night from the third.


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