The surroundings of Alpens are full of beautiful roads and trails that let you enjoy of nature walking or even running. You can choose the best trail which adapts to your physical conditions, many are well marked and most are circular so you can fully enjoy the scenery.

Among all the routes that can be done, we always recommend the climb to the hermitage of Santa Margarita (1,206 m) following the GR-1. Following the GR-1 has a great advantage and is that it prevents us from losing, because it is very well marked. Apart from that, the climb to Santa Margarita provides the hiker with all kinds of rewards, including a magnificent view when the summit is reached.

For those who are more trained and adventurous we recommend following the route that we post in wikiloc in the following link:


This route does not reach Santa Margarita, as it deviates from the GR-1 a little before arriving. In any case, getting to the hermitage does not have any complications, you just have to follow the marks. If on returning to Alpens you want to enjoy a different descent, we recommend linking with this route, climbing to the top of Puig Cornedor and returning enjoying the beautiful "camí ramader" transhumance route.

Wikiloc Route

We have designed and hung on Wikiloc a nice route for guests of AlpensHolidays. You can find it in the following link: www.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=14337675

It is a circular route (8.5 km) which can be shortened if you use your car. The route start and finish in AlpensHolidays and ascends to the top of Puigcornador (1,206 m).

The full path that you will find in Wikiloc contains a total of 76 points of interest (information) and 120 photographs. To make the path to peace you have to spend about 3 hours.

Hiking GR-1

The long distance footpath GR-1 (Historical Footpath) beginning in Greco-Roman ruins of Ampurias, (Gerona) on the Costa Brava, and reaches Finisterre (La Coruña), runs right in front of Ca la Celia (the house that we offer) in Alpens, bottom of the ninth stage of Catalonia.

The GR footpath (Gran Recorrido in Spanish) is a network of long-distance footpaths in Europe, mostly in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain. The trails are blazed with characteristic marks consisting of a white stripe above a red stripe. These appear regularly along the route, especially in places like forks or crossroads. Many GR routes make up part of the longer European walking routes which cross several countries.

The GR-1 starts on the Mediterranean coast and stretches across the peninsula towards the Atlantic Ocean. First route runs parallel to the Pyrenees (GR-11) for about 600 km, and then continues in the north up to the Camino de Santiago (GR-65), with which crosses Navarre to reach the other end of the peninsula.

In its tour of the Catalan lands covering 355 km completely marked and crossed 11 counties from east to west, are: Alt Empordà, Baix Empordà, Pla de l'Estany, Garrotxa, Ripollès, Osona, Berguedà, Solsonès, Alt Urgell, Noguera i Pallars Jussà. The crossing of these regions is distributed in 26 stages, one of which ends in Alpens.

To those you want to go for all or part of this path we suggest to finish Alpens stage in Ca la Celia. The house is built in 1706, renovated and located in the center of the route of the GR-1 passing through Alpens. This way you can enjoy a rest in a wonderful house and without moving a single meter off your route.

Link to GR-1 de la FEEC

The house in the GR-1

Stage 9 Ripoll - Alpens

Duration : 5:30 h

Distance : 22,500 km

Counties : Ripollès - Osona

Stage 10 Alpens - Lluçà

Duration : 3:40 h

Distance : 14,000 km

Counties : Osona


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