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The village of Alpens has a privileged geography for lovers of mountain bike (MTB). In fact MTB rides are one of the best ways to get familiar with Alpens and its surroundings. For those who prefer long and hard tours we recommend two sensational pedal travels, one more local to just over 50 km and another longer (217 km) along the county of Osona.

Route "Els Carlins"

BTT Lluçanès Center offers different signposted routes to tour this part of the region of Osona. One of these, called Route 5 "Els carlins" links Alpens with Prats de Lluçanès. This is an interesting route of hard slopes and great technical difficulty of crossing the north-south Lluçanès. From Alpens, carlines land, you get to Prats de Lluçanes tilting Merlès valley and through the architectural ensemble Lluçà.

Kilometers: 52.2

Tour Type: Black

Elevation: 1,574 m.

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Traks del Diable

Tracks del Diable is a mountain bike adventure route along the county of Osona and going through different municipals like Cabreres, Vall del Ges, Bisaura and Lluçanès. This is a circular route wich passes for Alpens. The track is 217 km long, most of it along paths with a positive accumulated drop of 6.790 m.

Passing the land of the bandits and taking advantage of the tracks and paths that Joan de Serrallonga and Perot Rocaguinarda used, you will be able to enjoy wonderful spots with beautiful and strategic sights that the bandits used to cross. It is a long path which must necessarily be carried out in several stages. The starting point as well as the arrival one is in Torelló.

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