Les Pallisses (outside)

Les Pallisses OUTSIDE

This house, which was completed in 2010, is newly built. It is a small house with an entrance on Call Street, but overlooks three different facades, which gives great clarity and life.

The fact that the main rooms are at street level (also has a basement) make this home the most original house in the village. Due to the fact that there is no  unevenness, the square situated in front of the house becomes a kind of a terrace, especially for people who like to eat or spend time on the street, reading or enjoying the sights.

Because of these features, this house is an ideal home for the disabled, families with children and for all the people who value being able to access a quiet village square with the same simplicity and ease as to open the bathroom door or the refrigerator in the kitchen.

A house for enjoying the life on the street

Les Pallises, a house for enjoying the life on the street.

Probably the main charm of this small and welcoming house is the possibility of enjoying the life in the street. Just open the door you can enjoy the great variety of possibilities that offers the quiet and small Call square.

It’s a small square, central but quiet, where our guests can:

- Sit to sunbathe,
- Read or drinking a refreshing calmly in the shade,
- Drinking a vermouth (or have dinner) enjoying the spring sunshine,
- Have diner in the summer,
- Having a barbecue,
Although the space in front of Les Pallisses is a public square, it’s location in a very quiet corner of the village allow enjoy it more than if was a private garden, so in addition all you have read, it allow share some conversations, and activities with the charming neighbour of the square.



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