ALPENS The village and the forge

Alpens is a small village situated in Osona (Barcelona) which is bordered to the north by Berguedà and  to the south by Ripollès (Girona). Although the population in Alpens is only 300 inhabitants, the village has a great cultural and social life.

Nowadays, one of important and singular features in Alpens is the artistic forge. You can live an absolutely extraordinary experience, walking through the streets of the village, seeing all the exhibitions made by tens of artists. But beside these wonderful exhibitions, there are a lot of exhibitions displayed in any place of the village due to any place of the village is an exhibition: the streetlights, the grills, the doorhandle…

This wonderful art is shown in the following pictures:

Alpens, forging’s museum on the street

As can be thought, the logo of the website has been made using the letters that form the word Alpens constructed from hundreds of forged nails

Hundreds of nails art make up the priceless piece which dominates the entrance of the village. Due to  from the field can not appreciate the beauty of all them, here we show a few of them


Alpens Holidays Ripoll 1 / El call 1