Around Alpens (photos)

Merlès River (at 7 km)

How to get it?

Most of the pools of the Riera de Merlès can be reached by car. You have to travel about 7 km from the BP-4684 road towards Berga, to the point where it crosses the Riera de Merlès, where is located a restaurant known as the Cobert de Puigcercós is located (there is also a campsite). At this point, you will find a forest track in very good condition that runs parallel to the stream. You can take it to north or to south. If you take it to the north (just to the right of the restaurant) about 1.3 km approximately you will find one of the most beautiful and well-attended pools, known as the "waterfall".

As can be seen in the photograph taken from google maps, it can be reached in about 20 minutes. If you want to go on foot, there are trails that allow you to reach through the forests and mountains that surround Alpens, but these excursions takes a minimum of two hours.

Walking for the path from Alpens to Lluçà

How to get it?

The forest track that goes from Alpens to Lluçà is taken from the BP-4654 road just outside the town, next to the house known as "Ca la Andri". If you go down the road it will take about 9 minutes, if you take a shortcut you will only need 5.
It is a very busy track for the Alpensians, in summer at sunset and in winter in sunny hours. You will find people walking, running and also by bicycle. It is suitable for all audiences, because even the Graell farmhouse is quite flat and although some cars circulate, it is likely that they will not find any.
The track has a length of just over 6 km and links to the BP-4341 very close (about 2.3 km) to Santa Eulàlia de Puigoriol. Driving around this track is a great option to visit the Monastery and/or the Castle of Lluçà.
If you go on foot or by bicycle you can enjoy peace and tranquility while enjoying beautiful views, and it is very likely that at some point you will find a good herd of cows.


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