The houses (west and north facades) and the village


The two houses which we are offering are next to each other. The first is a three-story house with an entrance on the street Ripoll 1. The second is a ground floor apartment with street entrance of Call 1. The two houses are attached and their entries are separated by only 10 meters.


Both homes are situated in the center of the village, a few metres from church and Major square. You can read in one of the flagstone in the façade, that the house is built in 1706, therefore is one of most ancient in the village.


The three-story  house situated on the street  Ripoll 1, as can be read in one of the large slabs that make up the facade, was built in 1706, is therefore one of the oldest houses in the village .

In 1980 the house was knocked down and was built up keeping intact the original facade made by stone situated in Ripoll street.  And finally, in 2012 the house was renovated and expanded on the north facade.

Currently, the house has three facades: the East, which is situated in the Ripoll street where there is the main Entrance; it is the oldest and it is dated in 1706. The west façade, where you can go inside through two garages, is in front of the Carmen street and it was built in 1980. You can see a wonderful landscape from balcony of this place. Finally, the north facade, situated in Call street, was built in 2012. This façade has a balcony in each ground, and, besides, it has an independent domain from the main house, which it can use it additionally.

The house has two large balconies where you can contemplate the wonderful scenes and landscape from west and north of the village and the mountain which surround the village.


The ability of the 3-storey house is 8 people.  The house also has cribs and beds for babies and young children.

The capacity of the ground floor apartment is 2-5 persons. This house has a wide basement (light and airy) where there is installed a single bed and a double. So this housing space would accommodate up to 5 adults.

The full capacity of the two houses jointly occupied is 10-13 persons.

View from Alpens (houses and belfry) wiht Munts Sanctuary at the bottom


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